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During our road trip and shoot in New Mexico, we all wore the collection the entire time. It was so great to live and play in the pieces. (Spilling salsa on stuff more than once. Woops). Here's a real life testimonial:

I'm writing this on behalf of Abby, because I witnessed this moment first hand. And Abby would also never brag about herself, so I'll do it for her. We were hiking down to natural hot springs off the Rio Grande river that we had read about. It was a long hot road with lots of switchbacks. Willow suggested we take a "short cut" straight down a switchback that we foolishly agreed to. It was scary and hard. Lots of loose rocks, giant boulders to scale, and slippery dusty sand underfoot. Abby was in front and I watched her, wearing these light linen Swayers, maneuver her body horizontally but suspended (!?) to scale a giant rock, like an action figure. She was determined not to get the pants dirty for the sake of the shoot. I kept saying "Abby! Be careful!!!! F the pants! Get them dirty!" But she persisted. And she managed to NOT GET THEM DIRTY. Not one speck of the pants touched the dirty earth. It was a thing of beauty. Which became ten times more impressive when it was my turn and I crawled across it like a sloth, clinging to each surface for my life, and got my entire outfit covered in dirt. 

– Adrienne

These pants speak for themselves. And you can probably see why Abby was so driven to keep them beautiful. The linen is some of the best we've ever worked with, the perfect weight and texture. The color makes them incredibly versatile – easily making these pants a year round staple. Elastic waist, two side pockets, and breezy wide legs. 

100% LINEN


Macey is 5'9" with a 43" bust, 37" waist and 50" hips. Here she wears a XL / Regular.

Jati is 5'4" with at 38.5" bust, 35" waist, and 40" hips. Here she wears a S/M.